Millennials Rejoice! The Railcard Has Returned

The wait is finally over!

We’ve suffered for countless years, we’ve paid over the odds for the shortest of train fares and we’ve been forced onto the Megabus on a couple of occasions (dark times), but finally the government has come through with a scheme that they’ve casually been discussing for years now. With much aplomb, the 26-30 Rail Card was released to the British public this year giving those within this age group a discount of 33% on a majority of tickets.

When can I get a Railcard?

If you’re between the age of 16-30 you are now eligible for the same discount and you can apply for your Rail Card right away! The easiest and quickest way to apply for a railcard is to go online to and click the option that is applicable to your age group. You’ll need to have a few pieces of information on hand in order to successfully apply, including proof of identity (such as a passport, driving license or national ID card) as well as a passport-style photograph that will be used in your Railcard.

How much does a Railcard cost?

The cost of a Railcard has (mercifully) stayed the same at a very reasonable £30 for a year. This means that you’ll only need to use your Railcard a handful of times in order to make a saving,so if you’re taking a particularly long journey you’ll be able to get into credit straight away!

What does a Railcard look like?

Gone are the days of those tricky blue plastic envelopes that would forever get lost in coat pockets, we’ve now got our feet firmly in the future; all Railcards can now be stored on smartphones via a nifty app. Once you’ve successfully applied for your Railcard all you’ll need to do is download the app and you’re good to go! When you’re travelling all you’ll need to do is show your rail ticket (which you can now get digitally too!) along with your Railcard to prove that you can get the discount.

When is a Railcard valid?

You can use Railcard on any train trip, however there are a few caveats worth keeping in mind. During peak times (4:30-10am, Monday to Friday) a minimum fare of £12 is required to use Railcard. There is no minimum fare on travel during the weekends, on Public Holidays, or during July and August – so the card will be of most use to students and those not relying on commuter travel.

What are people saying about the Railcard?

Since the launch of the Millennial Railcard initiative there has been huge support from those within the age range, as well as a mixed response from those who have been unfortunate enough to miss out completely on the savings. Any discussions on rail discounts are typically met with a disgruntled chorus of folks complaining that this discount is simply taking the price down to what it really should be in the first place, whilst many others are seeing the bright-side and are already planning a busy year of train travel to make up for lost time.

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