5 Step Program

  1. CHANGE EVERY THING This our first step. We need to change the way we eat, change the way we drink, change the way we look at each other. We need to change how we conceive of travel, how we conceive of public. We have no public transport in this country, we only have private transport. And that’s not good enough.
  2. SPEAK UP! When something’s not good enough, speak up! We need to speak up because no one else will ever speak up for us ever.
  3. KNOW YOUR ENEMY Yes, that’s right, you have an enemy. Oh, didn’t you know? Well, that’s because your enemy has paid people to tell you that they are your friend but they are not your friend, not one little bit!
  4. KILL YOUR ENEMY This may be a metaphor. But then again it may not be. How does that make you feel? How far are you willing to go?
  5. ESTABLISH A NEW RULE. There will always be enemies. You must stamp them out.



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